hackathons - BU blockchain around town:

We are proud to have won our first three hackathons at first place, each, with the development of a builder subgroup in BU Blockchain. The hackathon team is open to all, and we plan to encourage collaboration. This may include sponsoring certain talented builders' travel costs who have continued to impress us through the year. We also encourage non-technical participation through ideathons held jointly by hackathons.

co-innovation and collaboration:

Ability to collaborate with students and on research, insights and fostering innovation. This can yield novel applications, advancements in technology, and mutually beneficial outcomes.

recruitment and talent acquisition:

Ability to connect with our talent pool & receive resumes for any work opportunity as well as to create a talent pipeline for any initiative, open or closed-source.

product development and brand exposure

Provides opportunity to test solutions and gain student insight, while also enhancing brand visibility, thought leadership, and potential opportunities through university engagement.

club ethos

we see a future where financial, economic, and social justice are all at the forefront of our global society. We see a future where, regardless of cost, knowledge barriers, and other supposed societal restrictions, all of our members have an equal opportunity to succeed. As such, we do not believe in restrictive processes for membership such as interviews or dues, and aim to make any costs associated with travel, merchandise, or other aspects of the club as low as we possibly can, but the goal is to make it all at no-cost to our members. We see this is an investment into the future of our organization and the overall web3 space, as we want our organization to welcome any curious person with open arms and help them unleash their full potential with Boston University Blockchain.