our mission:

we are an inclusive, multifaceted community dedicated to equal education in the web3 space. We aim to foster creativity, build a diverse network, and shape a decentralized future together. Through research, development, and building companies - BU Blockchain aims to act as a springboard for all students to unleash their potential in the field.

our vision:

we see a decentralized future for all that allows for equal opportunity to create and innovate on any chain, regardless of a person's field of experience, gender identity, race, or origin. We plan to aid all members in their intellectual pursuits in the Web3 field - while simultaneously connecting them to opportunities both near and far, that stimulate their personal growth and development through speaker events, workshops, hackathons, and our women in blockchain (WiBlock) initiative.


We pride ourselves on collaboration and diplomacy with other university organizations, which has opened many doors for us in terms of working across the aisle and our reputation as a well-respected organization.